Frequently Asked Questions:
South Park Library Wireless Printing

Please consult this page FIRST if you are having trouble setting your Laptop up for Wireless Printing. If you are still having problems, please ask one of our librarians for assistance.

What is Wireless Printing?

Wireless printing gives patrons the ability to print from their personal laptop using the library's printers. This service is only available to patrons that use the library's public wireless network and will only work at the library.

Which Operating Systems Support Wireless Printing?

Users that have any version of the Windows or the Macintosh operating system can use the Wireless Printing Client. Patrons will have to make sure they download the correct client for the operating system that is on their computer.

How Do I Get Started with Wireless Printing?

In order to get started with wireless printing, please click on one of the pictures below to download the client for your computer's operating system. This client installs a virtual printer until the client is closed, at which time it will be removed from your computer.

Windows Client
Macintosh Client


For Windows users, after you click on the download link you should see the File Download Window appear.

You would then click on the Run Button, which should take you to the Security Warning Window.

Click the Run Button again once the Security Warning Window appears. The download should start at this point.

When the download is complete, the Windows Print Client will appear in the task bar area at the bottom of your desktop.


For Macintosh users
, when you click on the Macintosh link the Downloads Window will appear.

When the download is complete, double-click on the Print Client from the Downloads Window.

When the Prompt Window appears click on the Open button. You should now see a Print Client Icon appear in your System Tray.

As mentioned before, the Print Client will only work when you are connected to the library's wireless network. Anyone that is outside the library will not be able to download or install the Print Client program.

I Downloaded and Installed the Print Client, Now What Should I Do?

Once the installation of the Print Client is complete, the Windows Print Client icon will be present on your Task Bar if you are using a PC.

If you are using a Mac, the Macintosh Print Client icon will appear in your System Tray.

If you click on either one of these new icons on your PC or Mac, you will see the picture to the left appear as a window. You can now print items off of your computer using our wireless network.

You can also remove the print client from your computer by clicking on the Stop Print Client Button.

Do I Need a Library Card for Wireless Printing?

No, you do not need a library card for wireless printing. However, you will be required to type in your name in the User ID Box, pictured above, before you print out anything. This will enable our staff to identify and release your print job to the library's printer.

When Printing Something Out, Which Printer Should I Use?

When a patron is ready to print something out, locate the Print Button in the program that you are using. Make sure you select SouthPark Main as your printer choice.

Can I Print Something Out In Color?

Unfortunately, patrons will not be able to print items out in color.

What is the Cost of Printing Something With Wireless Printing?

The cost for printing something out on our Wireless Network is $0.10 (ten cents) a page.

Where Can I Pay for and Pick Up My Print Jobs?

Patrons can pay for and pick up their print jobs at the Front Desk.

If you are still having problems with Wireless Printing, please ask one of our librarians for assistance.